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Mangrove Forest Manuel Antonio Costa Rica


Frequently Asked Questions - Mangrove Boat and Kayak Tour

1.     How long does the mangrove boat and kayak tour last?

The tour lasts approximately 2 hours, depending on weather and tide conditions.

2.     What are the physical conditions required to participate in the mangrove kayak tour?

The kayak tour is of moderate difficulty, so it is recommended to have reasonable physical condition. Brief instructions will be provided before starting.


3.     Is previous kayaking experience necessary to join the mangrove kayak tour?

Previous kayaking experience is not necessary. Our guides will provide basic instructions and ensure all participants feel comfortable before the tour begins.

4.     What is the minimum and maximum age to participate in the mangrove Kayak Mangrove Tour?

The recommended minimum age is 3 years old. An adult must accompany small kids. There is no maximum age limit, but participants are advised to consider their physical condition.​

5.     What kind of wildlife can be observed during the mangrove and kayak tour?

During the tour, it is common to spot tropical birds, white faced monkeys, crabs, fish, and possibly other animals such as boas and iguanas. Diversity may vary depending on the season.

6.     Are life jackets and safety equipment provided for the mangrove tour?

Yes, life jackets and all necessary safety equipment will be provided. Participant safety is our top priority.

7.     What is the best time of year for the mangrove tour?

The tour is available year-round. However, the dry season may offer more stable paddling conditions, while the rainy season provides a unique experience with active wildlife.

8.     Can the mangrove tour take place in rainy weather?

The tour typically proceeds even in light rain conditions. In the case of adverse weather conditions, alternative options will be provided, or the activity will be rescheduled.

9.     What is the cancellation policy?

A minimum 24-hour notice is required for cancellations. Please refer to our cancellation policies for further details.

10.  Can photographs be taken during the mangrove boat and kayak tour?

Absolutely! Participants are encouraged to bring cameras or smartphones to capture beautiful landscapes and wildlife. However, caution is recommended to protect devices from water.

These frequently asked questions provide key information for participants to prepare and fully enjoy their mangrove boat and kayak tour experience.

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